Resort Experiences


Teton Skies is proud to work with the region’s finest hotels, including the Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole, to provide exceptional experiences. Our private resort programs, available exclusively at the Four Seasons, Hotel Terra, and Teton Mountain Lodge, allow your party to explore the night sky without leaving the comfort of your hotel. Each program includes one and half hours of incredible stargazing, plus the use of Teton Skies’ state-of-the-art telescopes and iPads featuring the Sky Safari app. One of our expert astronomers will guide you through the stars, planets and other astronomical features visible from Jackson Hole. Refreshments, catered by the chefs of the Four Season, will also be served. To book your private Resort Experience, please contact your hotel’s concierge, or call Teton Skies directly at 307-413-2011.

Teton Skies’ Resort Experiences are also available for larger groups. Whether your party is 15 friends or 250 colleagues, our staff will create the perfect program for you. Please call your concierge or Teton Skies today.

Photo: The Milky Way/BLM