The Night Sky Photography Experience


COMING SOON! Join Teton Skies and David Bowers Photography for a special evening photographing the stars.

Whether you are beginner looking to capture your first glimpse of the Milky Way or an expert seeking a once-in-a-lifetime shot, David will teach you about the the best locations, tools, and tips.The Night Sky Photography Experience focuses on the technical and artistic challenges that are unique to photographing the stars and is designed to help you get memorable images with your own equipment.

Your evening will begin with transportation from your hotel to a special location in Grand Teton National Park with a nearly unlimited view of the sky. Before sunset, David will cover special considerations for astrophotography including composition, camera settings, lens choices, and accessories. As the sun sets, you’ll then have plenty of time to capture the stars. Refreshments, including wine, cheese, charcuterie, and desserts will also be served. When you’ve gotten your best shot, we’ll return you to your hotel, with an incredible visual record of your experience.

Our Night Sky Photography experiences are offered year-round, seven days a week and are recommended for stargazers 12 years old and up. It can get a little chilly, even during the summer, so we recommend dressing in comfortable layers with closed-toe shoes and a jacket or coat.  Portable heaters and cozy blankets are always available to help you stay warm.


Photo by David Bowers.