Join us on Sunday, August 12th*, 2018 for a very special Astrophotography Workshop and Stargazing Experience in Grand Teton National Park as we enjoy the 2018 Perseid Meteor Shower.

*Please note: The August 12th program is now sold-out, but we’ve added a second opportunity on Saturday August 11th. Spaces are filling quickly, so please call today to reserve your spot.

Each year, as the Earth orbits the sun, it passes through a vast field of dust and debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. As this debris enters the Earth’s atmosphere, tiny grains of ice and rock become super-heated meteors, creating gorgeous streaks of colored light as they burn away. Named for the constellation Perseus, from which they seem to originate, the Perseids are one of the most prolific meteor showers with up to one hundred meteors appearing every hour during the peak. This year, that peak falls on a moonless night, meaning that conditions will perfect for dark sky viewing and for capturing the magic of this incredible event. And Teton Skies will be there to show you how.

Professional photographer David Bowers will teach you the tools and techniques for capturing one of nature’s greatest light shows.

  • Registered guests will receive a recommended gear list ahead of the event. If you’re missing anything, no worries, we have camera rental packages available and Teton Skies guests will also receive a special discount from
  • David will cover special considerations including composition and camera settings, as well as helping you to capture beautiful images throughout the night
  • Guests will also receive instructions for processing digital images to assure the best clarity and color

Teton Skies’ professional astronomers will also be on hand to help you explore the night sky. Our large-diameter telescopes include computerized GPS tracking of more than 40,000 astronomical objects.

Refreshments, including wine, cheese, and charcuterie will also be served. Transportation between Teton Village and Grand Teton National Park is included, as are complimentary star maps.

The fee for this special event is $275 per guest. To ensure the best experience, the number of spaces available is very limited. Please call 307-413-2011 to reserve your spot today. Should Teton Skies cancel the event due to poor visibility or inclement weather, all fees will be refunded in full.

To learn more about the fascinating Perseids, join us for an amazing night under the open skies of Grand Teton National Park, visit Teton Skies’ EXPLORE page, or watch this educational video from NASA. Although the video was created in 2013, all the facts and figures remain true.